Economics Seminars (2006-2007)

Unless otherwise noted, seminars begin at 16:00 and finish around 18:00. Room Camille Joset (401), 4th floor, Rempart de la Vierge, 8.

Economics Seminars 2006-2007

 co-organized by CERPE, CRED and CEREFIM


 Oct. 3. Kjetil BJORVATN (NHH). Resource rents and political outcomes in polarized societies: separation or unity, democracy or dictatorship.

Oct. 10. Georg KIRCHSTEIGER (ECARES, ULB). On the evolution of market institutions: the platform design paradox.

Oct. 11. Andrew CLARK (Paris-Jourdan). Deliver us from evil: religion as insurance.

Oct. 13. 12:45. Scott ROZELLE (UCDavis). Governance reform and public goods investment: the case of China.

Oct. 17. Axel GAUTIER (FUSL). Efficient access pricing and endogenous market structure.

Oct. 24. Lucia DALLA PELLEGRINA (Bocconi). The effects of peer monitoring on investment. A comparison between group lending and informal credit.

Oct. 31. Tessa BOLD (U. of Oxford). Risk-sharing in insurance groups in rural Ethiopia.

Nov. 9. Special Seminars:

12:45. Jean-Paul AZAM (U. of Toulouse 1). Civil wars in Africa : the point of view of an economist.

14:30. Maurice SCHIFF World Bank). Migration, trade and investment: substitutes or complements?

Dec. 5. Hans DEGRYSE (Tilburg U.). Bans on price discrimination by a dominant firm.

Dec. 15. Andrea GUAZZINI (U. Florence). Opinion dynamics: the role of affinity and social temperature.

Dec. 19. Raphael SOUBEYRAN (MOISA, INRA). Political cycles: issue ownership and the opposition advantage.



Jan. 31. 12:45. Room 402. Jaime DE MELO (U. of Geneva). Openness, inequality, and poverty: endowments matter.

Feb. 6. Oriana BANDIERA (LSE). Active and passive waste of public funds: evidence from a procurement policy reform.

Feb. 20. Estelle CANTILLON (ECARES, ULB). How and when markets tip? Lessons from the Battle of the Bund.

Feb. 27. Marta REYNAL (U. Pompeu Fabra). The colonial origin of civil wars.

Mar. 6. Kristian BEHRENS (CORE). Testing the home market effect in a multi-country world

Mar. 13. Jonathan CONNING (CUNY). Social investment: grants, subsidies and loan guarantees in a theory of financial market development.

Mar. 20. Rohini SOMANATHAN (U. Delhi). Understanding the spatial allocation of public goods in India.



Mar. 23. 12:45. Juan Antonio MORALES (Universidad Católica Boliviana). Financial deepening and economic development in Bolivia.

Mar. 27. Clive BELL (Heidelberg U.) Economic growth, education and AIDS in Kenya: a long-term analysis.

Apr. 17. 17:00. Günter COENEN (ECB). Taxreform and labour-market performance in the Euro area: a simulation-based analysis using the New Area-Wide Model.

Apr. 24. Jan Willem GUNNING (Free U. Amsterdam). Is aid effective? Assessing budget support with statistical impact evaluation.

May. 8. Eric VERHOOGEN (Columbia). Class size and sorting in market equilibrium: theory and evidence.

May. 15. Rocco MACCHIAVELLO (LSE). Competition, sorting and relational contracts: theory and evidence from Chilean wine exports to UK.

May. 22. Martina BJORKMAN (Bocconi). Power to the people: evidence from a randomized field experiment of a community based monitoring project in Uganda.

Jun. 8. Ashok RAI (Williams College). Cosigners help.