Ongoing Theses

This page presents all ongoing theses at DeFiPP.


Agba Komlan (CeReFiM)

Thesis title: Heterogeneity in Eurozone responses to unconventional monetary policy.

Baily Camille (CeReFiM)

Thesis title: Climate change: economic impact and challenges for the financial system.

Baraka Kusinza Doux (CRED)

Thesis title: Deprivation and gender.

Bequet Ludovic (CRED)

Thesis title: Essays in development and environmental economics.

Bharti Nitin Kumar (CRED)

Thesis title: Wealth inequality, caste and gender in India.

Broka Coline (CRED)

Thesis title: Gender norms and female entrepreneurship.

Debroise Auguste (CERPE)

Thesis title: Essays on behavioral political economics.

Ernaelsteen Christophe (CERPE)

Thesis title: Essays in public economics and regional competitiveness.

Farè Luca (CERPE)

Thesis title: The innovation and financing access of small businesses.

Kitumba Guylord (CERPE)

Thesis title: Coping strategies by microentrepreneurs in Kinshasa.

Laurent Pierre (CERPE)

Thesis title: Essays in the economics of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Ledru François-Xavier (CeReFiM)

Thesis title: Essays on impact investing.

Manuel Clarice (CRED)

Thesis title: Essays on gender inequality and development focusing on stories from Nepal and the Philippines.

Soudant Joey (CeReFiM)

Thesis title: Applications of complex systems in macro-finance topics.

Tchinda Charlie (CERPE)

Thesis title: Essays in the economics of self-employment.

Woitrin François (CRED)

Thesis title: Preference for boys, and girls excess mortality in the developing world.