DeFiPP Workshops (2022-2023)

The DeFiPP Workshop takes place on Tuesday from 13:00 to 14:00 (see location below).


20 September (E35) - Ana Leiva (UiO) - Social Inequalities, Identity, and the Structure of Political Cleavages in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru, 1952-2019

04 October (E35) - Guohao Yang - The Input Channels of Structural Changes: How a ”Hicks-neutral” Agricultural Productivity Shock triggers Industrial Growth

11 October (C.Joset) - Guilhem Cassan - Sex-Selective Abortions and Instrumental Births as the two faces of the Stopping Rule: New measures and world evidence

18 October (C.Joset) - Lorenzo Trimarchi - The Unintended Consequences of Protection on the Environment

25 October (C.Joset) - Pablo Álvarez - Colonial Education and its Intergenerational Transmission: Evidence from Colonial and Post-independence Congo

17 November (C.Joset) - Marine Gueben - The Effect of the Great Green Wall on Women Empowerment and Children's School Attendance: the Study case of Senegal

22 November (C.Joset) - Rodrigo Londoño van Rutten (Université Saint-Louis) - Lobbying and cartel enforcement

29 November (C.Joset + Teams) - Hugues Champeaux - Height, parental investments and marriage payments in Subsaharan Africa

06 December (E35) - Anna Jolivet - Customary courts, colonial power, and gender norms

13 December (C.Joset) - Etienne Le Rossignol - Ancestral Livelihoods and Moral Universalism: Evidence from Transhumant Pastoralist Societies



24 January (C.Joset) - Elsa Gautrain (UCA) - Selection into child fostering and its implications for education: Evidence from Ghana

31 January (C.Joset) - Giorgio Ferroni - Competition and platform integration

7 February (E35) - Catherine Guirkinger - Economic opportunities, education and child labour: artisanal gold mining in Burkina Faso

14 February (E35) - Perrin Lefebvre - Formation and merger of large citizen groups

28 February (C.Joset) - Andréa Renk - Gender based violence and reporting: a study of a "one-door system" for victims of violence in Nepal

07 March (C.Joset) - Hugues Champeaux - Men's premarital migrations and marriage payments: Evidence from Indonesia

14 March (C.Joset) - Clarice Manuel - Who gains (more) from increased rights? A study of patriarchal norms and women's empowerment in Nepal

21 March (E35) - Jean-Philippe Platteau - Political liberalisation and state capture

4 April (C.Joset) - Ana Leiva (UiO) - Polarization on the basis of moral issues in the US



18 April (C.Joset) - Vincenzo Verardi - Implementing the Skellam regression (in Stata)

2 May (E25) - Andréa Renk - Who are the urbans ? Administrative changes and population dynamics between 2011 and 2021 in Nepal

16 May (C.Joset) - Juliette Crespin-Boucaud (IBEI) - Ethnic Homogenization and Public Goods: Evidence from Kenya’s land reform program

23 May (C.Joset) - Auguste Debroise - Child penalty in the Cinema Industry

30 May (C.Joset) - Nitin Kumar Barti (NYU-Abu Dabhi) - Re-imagining Education: Do Science Experiments Improve Human Capital?

6 June (C.Joset) - Quentin Richard - International transmission of life expectancy

12 June (E25) [Special Workshop] - Pauline Rossi - TBA

13 June (C.Joset) - Anna Jolivet - Migration and financial inclusion: Evidence from Chinese rural households

20 June (C.Joset) - Jean-Philippe Platteau - Political Dynasties and Development: The Case of Pakistan (to be confirmed)

27 June (E25) - Etienne Le Rossignol - TBA


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