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This page presents upcoming Ph.D. thesis defences, DeFiPP conferences and DeFiPP courses.


Upcoming Ph.D. thesis defence(s):


No upcoming Ph.D. thesis defence.


Upcoming DeFiPP conference(s):


No upcoming DeFiPP conference.


Upcoming DeFiPP course(s):


Doctoral course on Academic Writing and Oral Presentation Skills

The course is open to both Ph.D. students and researchers. It is taught by Kristin Blanpin (academic writing) and An Laffut (oral presentation skills). Sessions are of three hours each. There is a limited number of seats and priority will be given to early registration. The course will be taught in a face-to-face mode if the sanitary conditions improve. Otherwise, it will be taught in remote mode via MS Teams. Additional details will follow. Course supervisor: Romain Houssa. Contact person: Modeste Dayé (modeste.daye@unamur.be).

Oral Presentation Skills:

  • 20 May: tips and trick
  • 25 May: researcher presentations with feedback
  • 26 May: researcher presentations with feedback

 Academic Writing:

  • 2 June: writing an introduction and literature review
  • 4 June: writing a methods, results and discussion section
  • 9 June: writing an abstract - improving style, peer review of participants' texts

Register by 19 February 2021 HERE.