You will find below the links to the working papers of the DeFiPP Research Institute. The DeFiPP working paper series has been started in September 2021.


1) Baland, JM., Bequet, L., Guirkinger, C. & Manuel, C. (2022). Sharing norm, household efficiency and female demand for agency in the Philippines.

2) Fabre, B. & Sangnier, M. (2022). Where do politicians send pork? Evidence from central government transfers to French municipalities.

3) Bequet, L. (2022). Agricultural productivity and land inequality. Evidence from the Philippines.

4) Guirkinger, C. & Villar, P. (2022). Pro-birth policies, missions and fertility: Historical evidence from Congo.

5) Baraka Kusinza, D. (2022). Are American women more deprived than men?

6) Pelras, C. & Renk, A. (2022). When sterilizations lower immunizations: The emergency experience in India (1975-77)


1) Baland, JM., Cassan, G. & Decerf, B. (2021). The Poverty-Adjusted Life Expectancy index: a consistent aggregation of the quantity and the quality of life.

2) Cassan, G. & Sangnier, M. (2021). The impact of 2020 French municipal elections on the spread of COVID-19.

3) Laurent, H., Sangnier, M. & Treibich, C. (2021). Traffic safety and norms of compliance with rules: An exploratory study.

4) Chai, A., Kiedaisch, C. & Rohde N. (2021). The saturation of household spending diversity and emergent properties of representative households.

5) Pelras, C. & Renk, A. (2021). Sterilizations and immunization in India: The Emergency experience (1975-1977).

6) Libois, F., Baland, JM., Delbart, N. & Pattanayak, S. (2021). Community Forest Management: The story behind a success story in Nepal.


If you are interested in the older working papers of the research entities making up the DeFiPP Research Institute today, please follow this link.