Past Theses

This page presents all theses that have been completed at DeFiPP over the past five academic years.



Daye Modeste: Essays in Development Economics: On Agents' Prosocial and Financial Behaviors. Supervisors: Profs. Romain Houssa and Paul Reding.



Michels Anne: Migration and Bequest Decisions: Theory and Evidence from the Bolivian Altiplano. Supervisor: Prof. Jean-Philippe Platteau.

Vanhomwegen Henri: Distinctives Strategies in the Equity Mutual Funds Industry. Supervisors: Profs. Jean-Yves Gnabo and Oscar Bernal.



Mohimont Jolan: Business Cycles and Monetary Policy in a Small Open Emerging Economy. Supervisor: Prof. Romain Houssa.

Laurent Hélène: Essays in Public and Entrepreneurship Economics: Taxation and Corruption. Supervisor: Prof. Marcus Dejardin.

Hubert Olivier: Heterogeneous Effects of Fiscal Policy on Sovereign Yields. Supervisor: Prof. Romain Houssa.

Gross Jérémie: Individual and Family Behavior in Poor Households: Evidence from Semi-Arid Burkina Faso. Supervisors: Profs. Catherine Guirginger and Jean-Philippe Platteau.

Delmez Françoise: Jobless Recoveries: No Jobs for the Unemployed, Longer Hours for Workers? Supervisor: Prof. Alain de Crombrugghe.



Dahlqvist Carl-Henrik: Essays in Econophysics and Applied Econometrics: Modeling Complexity in Finance. Supervisors: Profs. Jean-Yves Gnabo and Sophie Béreau.

Scholtes Nicolas: Interbank Networks and Financial Stability. Supervisors: Profs. Jean-Yves Gnabo and Sophie Béreau.



Gonne Nicolas: Consequences of Firm-Level Heterogeneity for Corporate Financial and Tax Policy. Supervisor: Prof. Eric Toulemonde.

Similon Astrid: Essays on the Economics of Nonprofits and Philanthropy. Supervisor: Prof. Gani Aldashev.

Mergesa Kelbesa: Government Finances and Financial Shocks in Developing Economies. Supervisor: Prof. Romain Houssa.

Geraci Marco: Essays on Complexity in the Financial System. Supervisors: Profs. Jean-Yves Gnabo and Davy Paindaveine.