Economics Seminars (2010-2011)

Unless otherwise noted, seminars begin at 16:00 and finish around 18:00. Room Camille Joset (401), 4th floor, Rempart de la Vierge, 8.

Economics Seminars 2010-2011

 co-organized by CERPE, CRED and CEREFIM


September 28 - Florian Mayneris (UCL) - Entry on export markets, heterogeneous financial constraints and firm-level performance growth: Intra-industrial convergence or divergence?

October 5 - Filippo Gregorini (University of Milan - Bicocca) - Campaign Finance: Split Contributions, Motives and Limits (co-authored with Filippo Pavesi)

October 12 - Knud Munk (UCL) - Taxation of Status Goods

October 19 - Michael Pfluger (University of Passau) - Relational contracts and persistence performance differences between seemingly similar enterprises

October 26 - Thomas Gall (Bonn) - Markets and Jungles

November 2 - Dimitris Korobilis (UCL) - Forecasting Inflation Using Dynamic Model Averaging

November 9 - Tomas Murphy (Bocconi University) - The role of economic and non-economic factors in fertility dynamics: revisiting the French decline

November 16 - Tessa Bold (IIES, Stockholm University) - Testing Coalition-Proof Dynamic Risk-Sharing

November 25 - Maitreesh Ghatak (LSE) - Repayment Frequency and Lending Contracts with Present-Biased Borrowers 

December 2 - Luca Merlino (ECARES) - Endogenous Job Contact Networks

December 7 - Marco Marini (University of Urbino) - Just one of us: consumers playing oligopoly in a mixed market 

December 14 - Cédric Argenton (University of Tilburg) - Exclusion through speculation



February 8 - Menno Pradhan (University of Amsterdam) - Improving educational quality through enhancing community participation: results from a randomised field experiment in Indonesia

February 15 - Raji Jayaraman (ESMT) - Productivity responses to incentives in long-term relationships: evidence from personnel data

February 22 - Julia Schvets (University of Cambridge) - Distributive politics and electoral incentives: Evidence from seven US state legislatures

March 1 - Stephan Klasen (University of Göttingen and IZA) - Of Donor Coordination, Free-Riding, Darlings and Orphans: The dependence of bilateral aid commitments on other bilateral giving

March 2 - Marcin Lupinski (University of Warsaw) - Short-term forecasting of GDP growth with second generation dynamic factor models 

March 8 - Antonio Nicolò (University of Padua) - Age-based preferences: incorporating compatible pairs into paired kidney exchange

March 15 - Mirco Tonin (University of Southampton) - Enforcing Import Tariffs (and Other Taxes)

March 22 - Philipp Kircher (LSE) - An Equilibrium Model of the African HIV/AIDS Epidemic

March 29 - Giuseppe Attanasi (Toulouse School of Economics) - Disclosure of Belief-Dependent Preferences in the Trust Game



April 5 - Marco LiCalzi (University of Venice) - The power of diversity over large solution spaces

April 14 - Juan Fernando Vargas (Universidad del Rosario) - Words versus Bullets: Media and Democracy with Coercion

April 26 - Arnaud Dellis (Université Laval) - Splitting, squeezing and diluting: policy moderation when candidacy is endogenous

May 5 - Selim Gulesci (London School of Economics) - Labor-Tying and Poverty in a Rural Economy: Evidence from Bangladesh

May 10 - Marc Möller (Universidad Carlos III Madrid and University of Bern) - The Distribution of Talent Across Contests

May 17 - Enrico Diecidue (INSEAD) - Group Decision Making Under Ambiguity

May 27 - Leonard Wantchekon (New York University) - The Institutional Legacy of African Independence Movement (!seminar exceptionally on Friday!)


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