Economics Seminars (2015-2016)

Unless otherwise noted, seminars begin at 16:00 and finish around 18:00. Room Camille Joset (401), 4th floor, Rempart de la Vierge, 8.

Economics seminars 2015-2016                                       

co-organized by CERPE, CRED and CEREFIM     




September 22 - Jeremy Foltz (University of Wisconsin-Madison) - "Do Higher Salaries Lower Petty Corruption? A Policy Experiment on West Africa’s Highways"

September 29 - Rahul Mukherjee (The Graduate Institute, Geneva) - "'Liquidity Driven FDI"

October 6 - Natasha Wagner (Erasmus University Rotterdam) - "Does Health Insurance Coverage or Improved Quality Protect Better Against Out-of-Pocket Payments? Experimental Evidence from the Philippines"

October 13 - Pamela Jakiela (University of Maryland) - "How Soon Is Now? Evidence of Present Bias from Convex Time Budget Experiments"

October 20 - William Parienté (UCL) - "Discrimination as a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy: Evidence from French Grocery stores"

October 27 - Greg Fischer (London School of Economics) -  "Gender & the Response to Incentives: Building Evidence from Multiple Studies"

November 3 -  Andrei Markevich (New Economic School, Skolkovo, Moscow) - "Economic Effects of the Abolition of Serfdom: Evidence from the Russian Empire"

November 17 - Dan Keniston (Yale University) - "How Positive Was the Positive Check? Investment and Fertility in the Aftermath of the 1918 Influenza in India"

December 1 - Julien Grenet (PSE) - "Beyond Truth-Telling : Preference Estimation with Centralized School Choice" (co-auteurs : Gabrielle Fack (Université Paris 1) et Yinghua He (Toulouse School of Economics)).

December 15 - Dirk Van de Gaer (UGent) - "Did Progresa Reduce Inequality of Opportunity for Scholl re-enrollment"  (joint with José Luis Figueroa).



January 20 (exceptionally on Wednesday) - 14:30 -Emmanuelle Auriol (TSE) -and Jean-Philippe Platteau (UNamur) - "Religious Seduction in Autocracy: A Theory Inspired by History." 

January 22 (exceptionally on Friday) 16:00- Suresh Naidu (Columbia University) - "Social Origins of Dictatorships: Elite Networks and Political Transitions in Haiti"

February 9 - Job Market

February 16 - Job Market

February 23 - Job Market

March 1 - Hans Degryse (KULeuven) - "When Do Laws and Institutions Affect Recovery Rates on Collateral?"

March 8 - (exceptionally - Room E13) Andrew Foster (Brown University) - "Direct and Indirect Effects of Voluntary Certification: Evidence from the Mexican Clean Industry Program"

March 15 - March 18 - Seminar cancelled

March 22 - Marc Sangnier (Aix Marseille School of Economics) - "Political Connections and Insider Trading"



April 12 - Teevrat Garg (London School of Economics) - "(Not So) Gently Down The Stream: River Pollution and Health in Indonesia"

April 19 - Kim Oosterlinck (ULB) - "Risk Aversion in Wartime" co-écrit avec Matthieu Gilson (ULB) et Andrey Ukhov (Cornell University)

April 26 - Joachim De Weerdt (University of Antwerp) - "Measuring Household Labour on Tanzanian Farm"

May 3 - Natalie Bau (Harvard University) - "Can Policy Crowd Out Culture?"

May 10 - cancelled

May 12 -  (exceptionally on Thursday) 12:30  Kaivan Munshi (University of Cambridge)  - "Insiders and Outsiders: Local Ethnic Politics and Public Good Provision" (with Mark Rosenzwweig).

May 17 - Frédéric Docquier (UCL) - "The Welfare Impact of Global Migration in OECD Countries"

May 24 - Christopher Neilson (NYU Stern School of Business) - "The Effects of Earnings Disclosure on College Enrollment Decisions"

June 1 - (exceptionally on Wednesday) Zaki Wahhaj (University of Kent) - "Intra-household Resource Allocation and Familial Ties", joint work with Harounan Kazianga.

June 7 - Cancelled

June 14 - TBA


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