Economics Seminars (2018-2019)

Unless otherwise noted, seminars begin at 16:00 and finish around 18:00. Room Camille Joset (401), 4th floor, Rempart de la Vierge, 8.

Economics seminars 2018-2019

co-organized by CERPE, CRED and CEREFIM 


September 18 - Erika Deserranno (Northwestern) - "Social Ties and the Delivery of Development Programs"

September 19 - Christophe Croux (Edhec Business School) - "Sparse vector autoregressive models".

October 2 - Winkler Roland (University of Antwerp) - “The Government Spending Multiplier at the Zero Lower Bound: International Evidence from Historical Data”

October 9 - Rohini Somanathan (Delhi School of Economics) - "Meritocracy in the Face of Group Inequality"

October 16 - Dramane Coulibaly (University of Paris Nanterre and Researcher at   EconomiX) - "The tale of two international phenomena: International migration and global imbalances"

October 23 - Aksel Erbahar (Erasmus University Rotterdam) - "Made in China; Created in China: Super Processors and Two-way Heterogeneity"

October 30 - Oleg Badunenko (Portsmouth University) - "Achieving a Sustainable Cost Efficient Business Model in Banking: the Case of European Banks"

November 6 - Natalia Rigol (MIT) - "Targeting High Ability Entrepreneurs Using Community Information: Mechanism Design In The Field"

November 13 - Meraglia Simone (Exeter University) - "Kings and Parliaments: Ruling by Building Consensus"

November 20 - Julia Cajal Grossi (The Graduate Institute) - "International Buyers and Firm Performance"

November 27 - Mathias Hoffmann (University of Zurich) - "Masking the truth of softening the blow? U.S. banking deregulation and sectoral reallocation after the China trade shock"

December 4 - Li Chen (University of Gothenburg) - "Designing Heaven's Will: Lessons in Market Design from the Chinese Imperial Civil Servants Match"

December 11 - Paul Niehaus (UC San Diego) - "Authentication and targeted transfers: experimental evidence from India"


January 29 - Andreas Westermark (Sveriges Riksbank) - "Learning on the Job and the Cost of Business Cycles"

February 5 - Claudio Zoli (University of Verona) - "Optimal Non-Welfarist Income Taxation for Inequality and Polarization Reduction" - ROOM E43

February 12 - Laurent Ferrara (Banque de France) - "Short-Term Macroeconomic Forecasting and Turning Point Detection after the Great Recession" - ROOM E43

February 19 - Koen Jochmans (University of Cambridge) - "Fixed-effect regression on network data" -  ROOM E43

February 26 - Ilan Tojerow (ULB) - “The Unexpected Consequences of Job Search Monitoring: Disability Instead of Employment?”

March 5 - Jack Kelsey (Tufts) - "Poverty, Seasonal Scarcity and Exchange Asymmetries: Evidence from Small-Scale Farmers in Rural Zambia" ROOM E43

March 12 - Manuel Garcia-Santana (Pompeu Fabra) - "Growing like Spain: 1995-2007"

March 19 - CANCELLED

March 26 - CANCELLED


April 2 - Rebecca Dizon Ross (Chicago Booth) - "(Not) Playing Favorites: An Experiment on Parental Preferences for Educational Investment"

April 23 - Golvine de Rochambeau (Sciences Po) - "Access to Large Buyers and Firm Growth: Experimental Evidence from Liberia"

April 30 - Sebastian Bervoets (Université de Aix-Marseille) - "Learning with Minimal Information in Continuous Games"

May 7 - Luc Renneboog (Tilburg University) - "Colors, Emotions, and the Auction Value of Paintings"

May 14 - Benjamin Marx (Science Po) - "The Institutional Foundations of Religious Politics: Evidence from Indonesia"

May 21 - Julien Combe (University College London) - "The Design of Teacher Assignment: Theory and Evidence"

May 28 - Karna Basu (City University of New York) - "Commitment as Extortion?"

June 6 - Arthur Blouin (Toronto) - "Culture and contracts: the historical legacy of forced labour"

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